4110 Carson Rd.
Camino, CA 95709


Monday - Sunday
11:00 AM - 9 PM

Welcome to The Forester Pub & Grill
Camino, CA

Serving the community since 2002

At the Forester we pride ourselves on serving large portions of high quality food
at very reasonable prices.  We use rice oil for our deep fried
food, such as Fish and Chips.  Rice oil is known in the industry as arguably the best
frying medium because of its high flash point and lack of trans fatty acids.  Grilled
entrees such as Wienerschnitzel are cooked in corn oil, an all-around stable oil
which does not impart unpleasant taste to the food (like cheap soy-based oils).  For
all other cooking, pure butter is used.  All gravies are thickened with roux (unsalted
butter and flour).  Fresh vegetables are sautéed in butter, as is the spaetzle
(German handmade noodles). 

The Forester has a varied menu designed to appeal to just about everyone.  There
is authentic Mexican food, such as carne asada tacos; standard pub fare such as
fish and chips and shepherd’s pie; steaks, chops and ribs; and German food such
as Jaegerschnitzel with spaetzle and red cabbage, all prepared fresh daily. 
Kids and seasoned citizens have their own mini menu to choose from as well.

The outdoor patio is set in a spectacular grove of mature cedars.  There is a
horseshoe pit on the lawn, and a mini arcade and pool table inside.  Enjoy the clean,
festive atmosphere at the Forester as you sample the great food and partake of fine
local wines and great draft beers.  This is a locals place, where most patrons know
each other and the owners.  A true small town feel gives one a warm sense of
belonging (as does the wine).  In the winter, snuggle close to the wood stove.